So you need to know when you need to take your vehicle in for a checkup,right? Not every little problem will require a service call for your vehicle so here are a few major things to look for before taking your vehicle in. If your vehicle won’t start, it’s most likely a battery issue. Try jump starting it. If that still does not resolve the problem, it may be that your battery is fully dead and you need a new one. Many automotive stores offer a free battery check so remove the battery, take it in to be checked, and if it is dead, buy a new battery. If the battery is not the problem, it could be something more serious. It would be recommended to take your vehicle in at this point for a diagnosis.

If your vehicle does not drive in a straight line, first check to see if all your tires are inflated correctly. If they are all at the recommended pressure and it still does not drive in a straight line, it is time to take in your vehicle for a checkup as there are many problems that can cause this including alignment issues, broken CV boots, among other things. If your vehicle’s engine is running roughly when idling or accelerating, it is probably time to take it in for service.

If you are running low on oil and do not know how to change your own oil or just do not have the time, take your vehicle in for an oil change. Many shops will also do a free basic inspection on your vehicle while they are changing the oil. If your brakes are not very responsive, take your vehicle in since bad brakes can cause serious accidents. Even bodywork from a minor crash or accident could be a hazard that would cause you to fail your annual inspection should be addressed. In this case, visit your Greeley CO local collision repair service as soon as possible.

Your vehicle manufacturer provides a timeline for service and part replacements for your vehicle which can usually be found in the owner’s manual. Look at it closely and follow their timeline to increase the lifespan of your vehicle. You’ll be glad you did!