Got your eye on a shiny new Nissan Altima? What about a more roomy Nissan Murano? Don’t go rushing out to the dealership just yet. You can actually have more success finding the car of your dreams in your local classifieds than just about anywhere else.

Here are the top three reasons why you should skip the dealership and head straight to your local classified listings the next time you are in the market for a car:


Better Selection

At the dealership, you’re likely to only find models that fit the brand. For example, if you go to a Nissan dealership, you’re likely to only find Nissan vehicles. That may be great if you are looking for a Nissan, but if you aren’t sure what you want, that can be limiting.

By shopping in the classifieds, you’ll gain access to a much wider selection of vehicles. Even if you do have your eye on a certain model, you may learn about another vehicle that’s a better deal or that you just like more by browsing the larger selection.

Access to Rare Vehicles

With the wider selection, you can also find rare and collectible vehicles in the classifieds. Even if you aren’t interested in a classic car, you may be surprised by how hard it is to find a car that’s even 20 years old. You may not be able to just open up the classifieds on any given day and find what you want, but if you are persistent, you’ll likely find what you need. You’ll also have a greater chance of finding it in the classifieds than you would at a local dealership.

Better Price

By far, the best benefit to buying a car in the classifieds is the savings you can expect to find. Individual sellers aren’t trying to run a business; they’re just trying to get what they can for their cars. You can pay hundreds or thousands less than what you might find for the same car at a dealership. Shopping with individual sellers also gives you the opportunity to negotiate, helping you to save even more.

When you are next in the market for a new car, consider shopping your local classifieds. You’ll find a wider selection of cars for less money, helping you to get the car you really want at a price you can afford.