Now that the cold weather months of winter are finally gone; it’s time to start thinking about more sun, longer days, barbeques with your friends, joy rides on the weekends in the convertible, and picnics with the family. If you are a responsible car owner, you had your vehicles properly winterized, now it’s time to get it ready for the warmer months. Here are a few things you cannot forget to do.

Change Your Snow Tires for All Weather

If you have snow or winter tires on your car, switch them out soon. You don’t want to wear them down on dry pavement, and also you can get more performance from an all season tread. Most tire outlets and stores will even offer deals on winter rims so that you can just switch the whole set. This can really help save some time… in the winter and spring!

Check the Fluids

This may seem like a no brainer, but just like winter fluids, you’ll want to check the warmer weather fluids as well. It may be a good idea to take your car into a verified dealership and have them do a top to bottom check on everything. Oil, brake fluids, coolants, etc. Everything that can be checked, should be! Don’t cut corners and put anyone in danger.

Help Elders and Disabled Loved Ones Also

It’s a little crazy, but a lot of people that are out on the roads driving, really shouldn’t be. Whether it’s because they have an unsafe vehicle or a disability, if you know someone in this grey area, help get them ready. If you need an eye exam, go get one done. If they need new contacts, help them search on 1800contacts.com. Things like this are easy, take hardly no time, and could potentially save someone’s life!

If you follow these simple tips to help get your car ready this spring, it’ll pay off huge in the long run so don’t cut corners this year. If you need more comprehensive help, don’t be afraid to ask professionals.