Most people see the beauty of a car in the bumper. The bumper is a part of the car that is very visible both at the front and the back and as such is what a lot of people see. A bumper however does more than just add to beauty, it absorbs most of the shock in a car crash. OE bumpers offer a wide range of replacement options for a plenty of car brands like VW, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, etc.

OE uses polyfoam, a soft material in the manufacturing of its car bumpers. This makes them soft and energy absorbent. During a crash, the shape of the bumper is not changed because it generates a force great enough to counter that of the crash. Most of the energy generated is taken by the bumper, thus protecting the transfer of that energy to the occupants of the car. This limits the amount of force acting on the passengers and hence reducing injury.


OE bumpers also protect cyclists, pedestrians and motorists during a crash. This is because it is a soft material and cushions the hit of the car on these people. Using OE bumpers therefore prevents serious injuries and death during accidents.

OE bumpers are very stylish and people willing to add some style to their cars can get one that fits their car mode. They are also durable and do not easily get damaged during an accident. Most OE bumpers only sustain minor scratches during a scratch and would only require re-spraying or minor repairs. This makes most car owners to trust OE range of bumpers.

It is however important to access the extent of damage to OE bumpers after a crash. If the damage is more than minor, the cushioning it provides in the next possible crash would not be that effective. It is therefore important to repair the bumper soon after each crash. Bumper fixing professionals would be able to do a fair assessment and tell the state of the bumper after a crash.

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