There are times when hiring a professional moving company is neither cost effective or necessary. With all the options available for the person inclined to do things himself or herself, you can actually save money by moving yourself. However, a DIY move is only a good idea if certain opportunities and conditions exist.

Minimal Possessions

If you don’t have much it’s probably a good idea to bite the bullet and move things yourself. A sofa, clothing and a dinette are not a lot to move and could actually be a costly investment if you hired a moving company for such minimal items. A good way to gauge this piece of the moving puzzle is to determine if you could move everything within a day without making a dozen trips back and forth or needing to rent a huge U-Haul. If you can get away with throwing your items in the back of an extended cab pickup or small U-Haul do it yourself.

Helping Hands

Do you have family and friends that would be willing to help you move? If so, that’s a huge plus and another reason to bypass a moving company. This can come in handy when it comes to bigger pieces of furniture like a sofa or bed. An extra set of hands can speed up the whole process of moving and can actually be the factor that makes a DIY move possible. Friends and family will generally be grateful if you offer free pizza after the move. Buying pizza is a much cheaper fee than paying a moving company.

Moving Short Distances

If ever there was motivation to move it’s when you’re moving a short distance. If your move is simple enough and you have help for the heavier items why not go for it. This is especially attractive in situations where no special equipment is needed beyond a little sweat equity. Furthermore, if your cousin who just bought the neighbor’s pickup truck for sale in Aumsville, OR is available you may have all the motivation you need. Moving a short distance is also a fuel savings. If you can get away with paying someone with a truck for the gas used to move your belongings that’s another win as well.

If you have a small manageable amount of belongings to move and have the resources to get it done by yourself or with the help of family and friends, go for it. It will definitely save you money. If the distance is short and what you’re moving is uncomplicated and requires no special equipment, this is further validation for a DIY move. Weigh your options honestly and if everything points in the direction of doing things yourself go for it. With helping hands available and a pickup truck, the likelihood of a DIY becomes a sure thing. Afterall, less stress on your pockets means more money for decorating that new place.