Making Christmas As Painless As Possible and Comfortable

Christmas can be time of great joy but it can also be a time of great stress. If you are someone who is prone to stress, then I’ll bet you’re feeling that stressful burn right now. I bet you wake up in the middle of the night with cold sweats and try to count sheep and breath deep to get back to sleep but all that does is make you focus on the fact that you are not asleep and it just makes matter worse. Why is it that we let this happen to us when the holidays are supposed to be about cheer and joy? That’s a question for the psychologists; we’re just here to try to let you know some things you can do to ease the stress. So listen up!

Pre-made Foods

There are some foods that of course can not be store bought. The turkey or the roast must be made fresh. Some veggies are nice to have fresh as well, and of course any sort of green salad you have should definitely be chopped and served fresh. But the instant mashed potato game is strong these days in America’s super markets, so there’s no harm in making a few insties is there? Another thing that’s good is One Pie, the pumpkin pie filler. You can buy a crust and fill it with that pie and you have a delicious pumpkin pie on your hands. So yes, you have to make some food, and you can’t get no rotisserie chicken for the main course, but you can definitely save some time and stress with certain store bought foods.

Ease up the Travel

Sometimes it’s the travel itself that can cause the stress of the holidays. So why not kill two birds (not literally) with one stone and buy yourself a brand new car and take that to the holidays. You’ll probably be begging for traffic if you’re in a 2016 car fresh off the lot! Get over to Chevy Riverside and snag some year end deals. Remember, they’re trying to meet quota and outsell their rival dealers so low ball and get the savings. You will love the whole holiday time if you’re in a new car. No, now is not the time to traditionally buy for yourself, but do you really think someone’s going to be buying you a new car? No way, Jose. So go over to and look at their starting prices. And remember, they can go much lower than that.

One Gift For All

If you’re really savvy, you will figure out a One Gift thing you can do for the whole family. The worst thing is coming up with a gift for everyone, so come up with some big special thing you can do for everyone. It can even be some amazing piece of meat for the Christmas dinner, that can be your gift. Anything that will be enjoyed by all will work.