“It’s a city of the rich and famous and we’re all seeking a few extra bucks here and there. After all, how else will we afford our $5 cups of coffee each morning and our daily yoga adventures and all of the other things that make us stick out among the non-VIP’s we’re required to rub shoulders with just by living. You need to identify the sources of money and then seek them out and go get them. As well as in Hollywood, there’s always a method to make an added dollar and it’s your decision to grab it, like a lemon off a neighbor’s tree. Just grab it and let that juice flow down your leg.


First, of all, the lame visitors who go to town and would like to see famous people, it is a great way to obtain extra income. If it’s true, they would like to be told that a famous person lives in a certain place and it also doesn’t even matter. There is a serious absence of critical thinking or questioning, and that is the place you come in. You pile some individuals in your car, for a fee, and then you drive them around Hollywood and also you point to a good looking home and let them know that some celebrity lives there. That’s where Brittney Spears once filmed a really provocative scene for a music video, you may say. You then pull over and let everyone pile out to snap their photos and allow them to Instagram. It doesn’t matter that it’s far from true, since everyone’s happy and the folks back home are jealous.


Second, you could milk the tourists with regard to their money upon Hollywood Boulevard by the Chinese Theater. It is a great way for the newby to town or maybe the seasoned Hollywood veteran to help make some extra green and not need to do excessive work. You merely show up either in a store-bought or handmade costume depicted a super hero or famous celebrity (like Marilyn Monroe) and then you loiter about and wait for folks to consider pictures along. If they don’t you can remind them you are there for tips, they must tip you and also. Just be careful because there are well-established turf wars, so if you dress up like Superman, another Superman may be non-plussed.


Another idea is to offer a your time and effort being a dog babysitter, not just a walker. Folks in town are super busy with their jobs on set, so their poor little doggies need a walking, sometimes even twice a day. Folks will pay top dollar just for this. So you can get a rent a truck from a place like www.avonrents.com and pile a whole bunch of pups inside and proceed to the dog park, let them run free for a couple of hours whilst you play Words with Friends and just be certain they don’t hump other dogs, and you’re will be reeling in the dinero. With a properly organized schedule, you might be rich by the end of the month with minimal effort.”