You’re eligible to alter a UK drivers test to a different date totally free of charge to either a later date or an earlier date from your present driving test date if one is accessible.

By often checking the accessibility of sooner driving evaluation dates, a last minute evaluation might become available. You ought to be certain however that you have the right car prepared is available for a last minute test and that your driving instructor can cater to you change of your driving test.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) will request your driving teacher’s reference number when altering a driving evaluation date. You are still able to change your test date if you don’t know this info.

You are able to alter a driving evaluation date booking in any UK practical test facility by making use of the information on this site. You can’t alter a driving evaluation date by calling test centres directly.

Three working days’ notice such as Saturdays is needed to alter a driving evaluation date. If you aren’t able to supply adequate notice, you’ll have to cancel your driving test and shed the exam fee and then re-book it.

You’re eligible to modify the driving evaluation date around 3 occasions. Should you have to modify the date of your practical driving test over three times, you’ll have to cancel your evaluation until you’ll have the ability to make any modifications to your dates or occasions.

Supplying you allow no less than three clear working days’ notice (including Saturdays) you may find a total refund once cancelling the exam.

To alter the practical driving test booking date, you will need two of those three particulars:

Your legal Great Britain or Northern Ireland provisional driving license number

your software reference number

your theory test pass certificate amount

How to apply online

To alter your driving test time or date, take a look at the DVSA online form ensuring that you have all pertinent information accessible.

If you notice any problems when altering the driving evaluation date on the internet, you might even alter the driving test date by phone. Make sure you have the pertinent information available and call the DVSA on 0300 200 1122. If you’re having problems changing your driving test time or date, you might talk to some DVSA member of personnel. Should you want to address a part of this DVSA staff, hear the choices provided to be placed through. Opening times are from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm, Monday to Friday and extended delays can be experienced at particular times of the day.


You might also email the DVSA. It could take a day or two before a reply is created. Please include in your email just two of those 3 pieces of advice listed above to verify your identity.

How to alter your test in Northern Ireland

It is possible to alter your practical driving test appointment online to help you provide three clear working days’ notice. To alter a practical driving test in Northern Ireland, please see the online variant. Alternatively, to alter your own Northern Ireland driving test by phone, call 0845 2472 472