Need a car key replacement? People tend to find themselves in need of a new car key for various reasons. They can get misplaced, lost, get broken inside an ignition module, stop functioning due to an empty battery, get worn out due to constant use and more.

Once there is a need to get a new car key made, there are three options to choose from:it’s possible to use a trustworthy automotive locksmith service to have the key replaced, to try to find a DIY solution, or get a new key manufactured by a dealer.  Each one of these options has its pros and cons, which will be discussed below.

Finding a Reputable Locksmith Company

Professional locksmiths are specifically trained to provide car key replacement services, and as such, a locksmith company is certainly the best decision in this case. Many automotive locksmiths charge reasonable prices (lower than what a dealer would charge) and are available 24/7. The most significant advantage of this option is the fact that the key can be done immediately, right on the spot.

In addition, a mobile locksmith usually takes between 15-30 minutes to arrive, compared to having the vehicle towed to the dealer, which might be located quite far away and even closed, depending on the time of day. A qualified and experienced locksmith should be able to cut and program a new car key within an hour, or even less.

DIY Car Key Replacement

The first thing that may come to mind when a car key is lost or misplaced, is to try and open the car door and look for the key inside the vehicle. In some cases, the key will indeed be found inside the car and no further action will be needed.

Another common problem that can be solved without any professional assistance is an empty battery issue (inside a Transponder key). Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual to see how to replace the battery. If the battery is indeed the only problem, then there will be no need to use neither a locksmith service, nor that of a dealer.

If the key is lost, or the problem is more complicated than just an empty battery, searching for discounted replacement keys online could be the right thing to do. Many companies sell replacement car keys online. It will cost much less than getting a key directly from a dealer. Also, the older the car – the easier it is to replace the keys.

Advantages: Simplicity and lower rates. All that should be done is writing down the model and make of the vehicle, in order to get the right keys delivered.

Disadvantages: The vehicle’s safety might be compromised. Neither is it easy to find a reliable company that provides high quality car keys. It’s important to make sure that thereplacement key is covered by a warranty.


Going to a Car Dealership

If you have a brand new vehicle and can’t find the keys, calling a dealership is another reasonable solution. The dealer will first make sure that they are really contacted by the car’s owner. They may ask to provide the car registration and driver’s license details, after which they’ll get the process started.

Advantages: This method is 100% safe and reliable.

Disadvantages: Going to a dealer is more expensive than using a locksmith service or buying a new car key online. The process might be lengthy. Getting the car over to the dealer’s location might also be quite a challenge, which requires the use of a towing company’s (pricey) service.

In conclusion, the main factors that should be taken into consideration are urgency level and budget size. Sometimes – the cheapest (or the fastest) option will do, if it’s all that can be afforded to begin with. Otherwise – it’s better to make sure that the most reliable solution is provided and the new key comes with a long term guarantee.