best floor jack

A floor jack is an instrument that helps you at home or garage to lift heavy instruments easily by yourself. But, choosing a floor jack can be crucial because there are lots of types of floor jack in the market out there.

Now, I’ll be talking about some of the facts of choosing the best floor jack.

At first, you need to be determined for the reason, for which you are meant to buy a floor jack. Now, you’ll consider some factors, and It’ll make you sure that you get the perfect floor jack of your choice.

The factors you need to keep in mind before you buy a floor jack is;

Lifting capacity:

This is the most important fact that you should look for before buying a floor jack. The lifting capacity of the floor jack should be more than the instruments you want it to lift. There are different types of floor jacks with distinct capacities like 2-3 tons to 20 tons.

You’ve to choose if you are going to buy it for your garage or household works. Keep in mind that, you are not going to lift the whole car with a floor jack, so look for the capacity that is beyond of car’s weight.

And, if you are going to buy for your household works, firstly, look at the bigger furniture you have in your home and buy according to the larger ones.

Lifting height range:

This is another important factor you have to know before you are going to buy a floor jack. A floor jack lifts heavy components to a fixed height but when you are buying it for storing heavy components, you have to know the maximum lifting height.

How the floor jack is designed:

There are several kinds of floor jacks, which are designed for different works and tasks.

The three popular models are :

Bottle floor jack:

It is commonly known as piston floor jack. Bottle floor jacks can easily lift a taller lift point from the ground. If you are looking for something that will lift your instrument higher, then you must get bottle floor jack.

Hydraulic floor jack:

Build with hydraulic levers, hydraulic floor jacks have four attached wheels, so that, you can lift your instruments and push it to your desirable place. This is the best floor jack for household works.

Scissor floor jack:

This is the most lightweight and small floor jack, that is widely used these days to lift cars. Taking the least place to store, it gives you the highest lifting point. However, with scissor floor jacks, you’ll be just able to lift anything not move it.

Materials of the floor jack:

Furthermore, the materials of the floor jack differ from one to another. Because different models are made with different components like aluminum or steel.

And, for lifting more weight you’ll need a stronger and toughened floor jack.

Know better about the product before you buy.

The work you will do with it:

Here, I will put emphasize on the type of lifting you’ll do with the floor jack. Perhaps you might just lift your car to change its wheel, or you will buy it for lifting your furnishers up for moving it to one place to another.

Lifting speed:

In most of the models, you have to lift it manually. That’s why it is really important to look at the lifting speed of the floor jack.

I hope, if you keep this simple things in your mind before going to buy a floor jack, you’ll get the best one of the market.

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