New Car Tires

Buying new tires is never a fun task. After all, while you drive your car on a frequent basis, they aren’t exactly something you directly get to enjoy. It’s a costly purchase that has to be made, but still one that feels a bit like a cruel magic trick. However, new tires are essential if you want to remain safe on the road especially when weather conditions are poor. Now that the winter months are here if you are slipping and sliding you may want to read over some tips to ensure you get the best new tires for your car.

Check Your Tires

Before buying new tires make sure that your tires are really in bad condition. Some cars are lighter than others and some simply don’t handle as well as you may be used too. If you have bought a new car and are disappointed with performance you want to make sure it’s really the tires before replacing them, otherwise you will spend a lot of money for the same level of performance. A quick visual inspection is usually all that is needed to determine if the tires are in good shape. Look for any bulging, discoloration, cracked sidewalls, or excessive wear on the treads. Also, if they are over ten years old then it is time to replace them because rubber deteriorates.

Check Your Car

You also need to quickly look over your car before buying new tires for sale in Aumsvile OR. Look at your tires to see they have uneven wear because this may mean that your car has suspension issues or alignment issues. If your car is not aligned right then you will ruin your new tires quickly making them a waste of money. By making sure your car is in good shape you can make sure your investment lasts much longer.

Check The Owner’s Manual

Some people get confused about what tires to buy, but the owner’s manual can set your confusion aside. Inside the manual you will find the size and type of tire that is recommended for your vehicle. It can also usually be found on the information placard inside the door edge or under the trunk lid. This can be a great way to double check what a tire salesperson tells you.

Consider What You Have

You also might want to think about your last set of tires. If they have lasted you for a great deal of time this is a good indication that you may just want to go with the same set. On the flip side, if it seems they wore out quickly and were not worth the price you paid it may be a better idea to choose a different tire this time around.

Buy a Full Set

Finally, it can be tempting to just replace the tires that immediately need replaced, but you will get a better ride and better performance if you buy a full set. Otherwise you will end up with uneven tires and will continue to play a cat and mouse game with the tires on your car.