Motorcycle Training

If you want to have DAS training, it is useful to learn some things about the procedure. Firstly, you will have to be at least twenty-four years old to obtain this full, unlimited motorcycle license. If you have been an A2 motorbike license holder for over twenty-four months, you can just update your license by resitting the exam on an unlimited motorbike. Thankfully, after you successfully complete your full DAS motorbike training, you can ride any motorcycle or scooter. If you complete the exam on a manual motorbike, you are permitted to ride an automatic or full bike. If you complete the exam on an automatic, your license is limited only to automatics.

Aside from being a suitable age, you will require a certified driving license. If you do not have one of the older A2 motorbike licenses, you will not need to do the CBT (Compulsory Basic Training). One requirement for booking the DAS motorbike training is passing the motorbike theory exam. After you successfully complete this exam, you are given a motorbike theory exam certificate number. This can be used to arrange your DAS exam. When you undergo the DAS full motorcycle training, you will have to pass the DVSA modules one and two.

The first module consists of an off road exam that lasts for twelve minutes. The module is intended to assess your control and handling ability of the vehicle at high and low speeds. The second module is a thirty-five minute on road exam, which assesses how well you can drive your bike through traffic. To acquire a license that permits you to ride motorbikes with no power restrictions, you will need to carry out your exams on a motorbike with 595 cc, and a fifty-three bhp minimum power output. If you are unaccustomed to riding DAS bikes, remain balanced as you slow down and stop to avoid toppling over. If you lack the judgement to time your braking, brake sooner rather than later. Permit yourself enough time to practice on a motorbike, so you will be confident that you will pass each module. Receive the best motorcycle training in London, by enlisting the help of our company that has taught many famous people how to ride.