If you are looking for a Honda motorcycle that will give you great value for money, the Honda SH125 is just right for you. This bike has sold in record numbers in Europe and, from every indication; it will do very well in the UK market too. The amended 2009 hybrid version fits the bill as an extremely reliable riding machine. This bike will give you easy riding, convenience and super performance.

Initially, many bikers were rather apprehensive about the large 16 inch wheels on this bike. As it turned out, their apprehension was misplaced because these wheels improve stability and give bikers a superior riding experience. This is probably one of the reasons this bike outsold virtually all other models in Europe at the time.

There are other amendments from the 2009 model and some of them include the ones below. The drum brake has been replaced with a disc brake at the rear. In addition, the stopper is not in this new model. These changes were made for both esthetic and practical reasons.

The original SH was criticized for its so-called bizarre appearance. This has been takes care of in this new model. Now, the visage looks sleek and has more curves while the bodywork at the rear has a look of sophistication.

The engine, the frame and the transmission were not altered. Now, this is just as well because there is no need to change a winning formula. The power pick is smooth and this makes U turns very simple. Another feature on this new model is that vibration has been practically eliminated.

The manufacturers claim the SH offers good emissions and efficiency figures but the data is vague so we cannot go with these claims. One good example of this vague data is fuel consumption. Honda gives out a figure of 97mpg. Since conditions and speed are not indicated, it is hard to accept this claim.

One Honda SH125 review points out that you can hit 85mpg even with stop/start riding in town. This statistic also applies to full speed on country side roads so it is a more believable figure. Almost all reviewers are of the opinion that the Honda SH125 is a great scooter. For more detailed information on the latest motorbikes and scooters, visit motoden.com today.