new car key

Losing your car keys is one of the major headaches that you can have, and more so if you urgently need to reach somewhere. It has also been seen that people often get their car key stuck inside the ignition and thus damaging it by force. This can lead to a hole in your wallet, and having a replacement key is the only wise decision keeping such a scenario in mind. Getting replacement keys beforehand will not only help you out in emergencies but will also save you a lot of time and money that goes into ordering another key from your dealer.

There is still some time for the day when smartphones will replace your car keys, but until then, follow the below given tips to stay out of trouble.

Show the Problem to a Locksmith

Car keys come mostly with a spare set, but it can happen that your spares get lost or damaged. People also sometimes forget where they keep their spare keys, which further complicates the matter in case you need them. If you don’t have any spare key to show to the locksmith for getting a duplicate, he might give you a master key. But still, there are times when the locksmith needs to know the car brand and model to make a replacement key for it.

Transponder Type Keys? No Worries!

If you have transponder type car keys, then it can get a bit difficult to find spares, because car keys mostly are pre-programmed for a specific vehicle type.The locksmiths that specialize in automotive keys can easily bypass this. They can use a blank key to program it for the specific vehicle model. Getting this type of key might be costly, but it is way cheaper that buying one from your car dealer. An advantage is that you would get the new car keys immediately for use after programming, so you won’t have to wait for your dealer till he sends the new car key.

Replacement for Keyless Remote Keys

It will be easier to get replacement keys if you have keyless remote keys or key fobs. Automotive locksmiths are equipped with replacement key fobs, which can be programmed for your specific vehicle type. Your automotive dealer can do the programming too, but an automotive locksmith can solve your problem much quicker.

Apart from key fobs and transponders, other types of keys too are coming in to the auto market. Many of these include smart keys, switchblades, and laser cut. These modern keys are made to prevent auto-theft. These keys are much more expensive than the regular car keys and can cost you anywhere between $100 to $200. You can get them directly from the dealers for a discounted price.