Dodge Magnum

Dodge Magnum is a name that has been used by automobile manufacturer Dodge for several of its vehicles made inside the country as well as in Brazil and Mexico. In the USA, this nameplate was given to a large coupe by the company manufactured during 1978 and 1979 and then again for a station wagon manufactured by the company from 2004 till 2008. In South America, especially in Brazil, the name Dodge was used for the top end version of a car called Dodge Dart which was manufactured for three years from 1979 till the end of 1981. Again, in Mexico, the name Dodge was used for a rear wheel drive 2 door small sporty car made by the company.

In the states, Dodge Magnum was a vehicle introduced in two variants namely GT and XE with both having been produced on the platform of Chrysler B. It was an endeavour of Dodge to produce a vehicle that was eligible for NASSCAR. So they used Dodge Charger and rounded it off to come up with a new body that was aerodynamic. With rectangular headlights and power steering, Dodge Magnum also boasted of retractable covers. Magnum’s base model was fitted with a powerful 5.2 litre V8 engine while higher end versions had a more powerful 5.9l and even 6.6l V8 engine.

However, Dodge stopped fitting the most powerful 6.6l V8 engine in its Magnum the very next year in 1979 because Chrysler stopped producing this engine. By this time, Dodge Magnum had become very popular, selling in large numbers all over the country. It was especially liked by the owners because of its power, style and utility. In fact, there was a time when there was no competition for Magnum and ruled supreme in the country as a station wagon. There were several features in Dodge Magnum that reminded customers of station wagons of yesteryears. These included long and flat tail end. But it also boasted of new and attractive features that were not there in other station wagons of its time. These were a roofline that was tapering, grill that appeared truck like, and short overhangs. With wheels that looked prominent, Dodge Magnum had enough features to lure the customers desirous of a station wagon.

Brazil was a country where Dodge Magnum was received warmly by the customers. It was manufactured in Sao Paulo as a continuation of Dodge Dart. It was fitted with a V8 engine and boasted of a unique fibreglass fascia that gave the car a very modern and attractive look. Magnum was the top end model of Dodge Dart and it was sold separately even though it was almost identical to Dart in many respects. Dodge Magnum was so well loved and maintained by the owners that one can find a few Magnums in good condition running on the streets of the country.

If one talks to the past owners of Dodge Magnum, they recall it fondly as a car that was powerful and gave a very comfortable ride under city driving conditions. Large families loved the roomy interiors of this station wagon. It even had a decent capacity to carry cargo to suit the requirements of farmers and ranch owners. Being fitted with powerful V8 engines, Dodge Magnum naturally had a low mileage but it made up for its low fuel efficiency with its great performance over long distance driving. Owners also recall its ability to quickly accelerate. It was a zippy car that could do a quarter mile in less than 15 seconds which was considered pretty fast in those times. Dodge Magnum was also a darling of the owners because of its superb and smooth handling.

Many people are not aware of the fact that Dodge Magnum was also sold in Europe and Australia where it was known as Chrysler 300 Touring. It was identical to Dodge Magnum sold in the USA except that in Australia it was sold as a right hand drive car. However, it was manufactured in Austria before being sold in Australia.

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