Cheap Car Tyres

There are thousands of brands of car tyres available in the market today. The fact is that most motorists undergo through a frustrating experience when purchasing car tyres. Just like the car engine, tyres play an important role in performance and safety. They are the ones which provide the interface between your car and the road.

For instance, if you get the wrong brand or tyres get worn out, there will be insufficient friction between your car and the road and this might result in serious accidents. Therefore, before buying any tyre it is always best to seek advice from experts like Gilnahirk Tyres and Exhausts.

Features to consider before buying car tyres

As mentioned earlier, tyres are a vital part in a car. Therefore, you should always be aware of the tyre specification by the manufacturer. In most cases, you will not get the exact brand but the tyre should fit the wheel perfectly and should be the correct size. In addition, you should ensure that the tyres (either the front or the rear tyres) have the same thread pattern and thread depth

Otherwise, breaking, steering and handling could be compromised. Each and every tyre has a code which represent its specifications. For example, if you come across a tyre with a code on its side saying P205/65R15 94H’:

  • The P’ implies that it is a passenger tyre
  • The number 205’ refers to the section width of the tyre when it is inflated properly.
  • 65’ describes the tyre’s aspect ratio. The comparison between section height and width.
  • R’ shows that this is a common tyre type.
  • 15’ refers to the diameters of the wheel in inches.
  • 94’ shows the load rating. Load rating will tell you the maximum load that a tyre can carry at a maximum speed.
  • H’ is a code for speed rating.

Does quality affect price?

Of course, quality will always be directly proportional to the price. This means that the better the quality, the higher the price. However, it is not always the case. A tyre might be expensive but of poor quality. There are various brands of tyres hence you must always pick the one which suits all your needs. Currently, there are three categories of tiers:

  • Premium tyres
  • Mid-range tyres
  • Budget tyres
  • Premium Tyres

These are quite expensive in comparison to the rest. The main advantage of using premium tyres is that they will last for 15000-20000 mile under normal use. They are manufactured from high quality materials. These tyres have better fuel economy, stopping distancesbetter grip and less noise. Good examples include; Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli.

Mid-range Tyres

They might not be as good as premium tyres but they will give you slightly better service. If used correctly, they can also offer a life span. Good examples include; Avon, BF Goodrich, Falken, Firestone,Cooper, Kleber, Toyo and Yokohama.

Budget tyres

These are the cheapest tyres and they can go about 7000-8000 miles. During summer, these tyres perform just as well as premium tyres but they are not fit for wet roads. Good examples include; Federal,Landsail,Hankook, Kumho and Maxxis.

What about run flat tyres?

Run flat tyres are those tyres which are only compatible with the cars they were designed for. Just as the name suggests, these tyres are designed to run for a small distance in case you get a flat tyre while on the road.

Do I need to consider the season?

It is always a smart move to buy tyres which are suitable for all seasons. Most motorists will go for tyres which are suitable for summer due to the price.

Am I good to go?

Yes, you are. However, there are some few things you have to put at your fingertips; first, make sure that the tyre you prefer is complying with your car’s manufacturer specifications. Secondly, go for all-season tyres. There are good cheap tyres which will serve you through summer and winter seasons. Lastly, carry out some research about the tyres suitable for your car from magazines and internet.

Final verdict

A car is just as good as the tyres. The better the tyres, the safer you are and the more powerful your car is. Don’t always go for the expensive tyres. Go for quality and always check the price.