This will be the first Valentine’s Day without my wife.  It was around this time last year that we got the call that her first chemo treatment had been scheduled, and it was time to start the fight against her breast cancer in earnest.  My wife was a beautiful woman, and that’s not just my opinion.  She was Prom Queen in high school, and later modelled for an agency to help pay her way through college.  We met when I was hired to photograph an auto show and she was the model for the concept car section.

As pretty as she was, she could be self-effacing about her looks.  “I’m not bad looking for a giraffe,” she’d quip, making fun of her slender 6’2” frame.   She had been told what to expect from a friend about hair loss and dry skin, so I wasn’t surprised when she wanted to stop at the drugstore and buy a few supplies on the way home from her first treatment.  That’s when the idea of sending her a monthly treat first popped into my head.  I remembered seeing a pretty little package on a co-worker’s desk and asked what it contained.  She told me it was a Birchbox, and that she had purchased a subscription for it at a discount from Groupon.  She said she really liked it because every month she had a pretty surprise to look forward to.

I was familiar with Groupon, but had not visited the site in a while because I got tired of missing out on local coupons because I hadn’t made my purchase before the time expired.  Boy, was I in for a surprise when I visited the site.  I found they had coupons for my local area businesses, major retailers across the country, and deals you could apply right from your smart phone.  I searched for Birchbox and found out I could save 10% off my order and get 500 points for being a new subscriber.

As the months went by Jeannie looked forward to receiving her beauty box.  She loved opening the samples, eating the treats and learning about the new fragrances hitting the market.  And she loved the practical sample sizes they shipped.

Customer service at Birchbox couldn’t have been nicer when I explained why I was calling to cancel my subscription just before my wife passed.  Jeannie had gotten so weak, not even a fragrance made an impact on her lethargic state, but I’ll always be grateful for the months she spent enjoying all the nail polish, moisturizers, shampoos and treats she received each month in her Birchbox.

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