A car lockout is certainly not a pleasant experience. There are many issues that can cause someone to get locked out, but the result is always the same – the doors get closed, while the keys are left inside. Some cases also involve a pet that stays locked inside, which makes the situation even tougher.

Once a car is locked, calling an emergency locksmith is the first thing that should be done. An automotive locksmith technician will assist in unlocking your car door in just a few minutes.

Below are four manual ways to unlock a car door, as well as the pros and cons of each one of them.

How to unlock a Car Door with a Tennis Ball?


Using a tennis ball to unlock a car door seems like an odd technique. Nonetheless, people have tried it before and it proved successful. Here’s how it works:

  • Burn a hole in the ball and place the hole over the keyhole.
  • Press hard, or smash the tennis ball with a hard object. This will allow air pressure from inside the ball to enter the keyhole and open the lock mechanism.

Pros: This method is low-cost and relatively simple.

Cons: Lots of strength, or the help of a very strong person is needed.

How to unlock a Car Door with a Piece of String?


Using a piece of string to unlock a car door is a unique DIY method that has been tested by many car owners in emergency cases. This is how it works:

  • Get a piece of stringthat’s long enough to fit between the car door and the frame itself.
  • Make a slipknot in the middle of the string and insert it at the top right hand corner of the door, until it reaches the inside.
  • Try to reach the keys inside the car and hook them with the slipknot. Pull the keys carefully, until they get close enough and it becomes possible to take them out.

Pros: The slipknot method is inexpensive and easy.

Cons: Inserting the string is very tedious, plus if there isn’t’ a window that’s pulled down a little, there’s no way to get the string inside. If the string is too thick, it may not fit through the space.

How to unlock a Car Door with a Hanger?


This is a rather common practice that helped many drivers in their darkest hour. Follow these steps in order to unlock the car successfully:

  • Get a clothes hanger made of wire and locate the pin that is usually at the top middle section of the door. Next, insert the hook of the hanger under the rubber. Do this on the left of the passenger side of the window.
  • After you’ve located the pin, pull up on the hanger.
  • If you don’t find the pin, reinsert the hanger from the upper part of the window and repeat the process.

Pros: Using a clothes hanger does not require professional skills and does not cost a dime.

Cons: A lot of patience is needed.

How to unlock a Car Door with a Bobby Pin?


Insert the pin into the lock and gently move it up and down, to stimulate the turning of the key. Do it for a while, until the right combination is found.

Pros: Very easy way that costs next to nothing to apply.

Cons: It may take a lot of time to find the right combination.

All these are simple DIY methods to get a car door unlocked; however, none of them is likely to solve the problem fast enough. In case of an emergency, calling a professional automotive locksmith to unlock the car door is the best option. An experienced professional will be able to work better under pressure, so the door will be unlocked fast and without harming the vehicle.